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Dancing At Stanley Park In Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has many excellent locations for artistic dancing in the outdoor parks under the warm natural sunlight. The green grass lawns and colorful flower gardens are well maintained during the Summer season which offers the very best photography opportunities. Natural sunlight is always the best for artist dance photography portraits especially when combined with majestic old growth forests. It is also fun to dance in the glow of daylight and fresh air at a local park nestled close to downtown. Stanley Park is located on the way to Whistler resort along HWY 99 going from YVR International Airport. The very large old growth forest park is a great place to stop and enjoy the local scenery, cuisine and cultural history. The photos in this post are from a professional dance artist portrait photoshoot at Stanley Park during the Summer season of 2015. Photos by: Matt Murray Photography marketer of Whistler Accommodations during all seasons for quality vacations in the supernatural Sea To Sky Corridor.

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